Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoo Puppy Cost may vary Breeder to Breeder

As a consequence of its traits, a growing number of families are adopting this hybrid dog breed. It’s believed to be a mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle.

History about Cockapoo Puppies

A Cockapoo puppy is made by crossing an American Cocker Spaniel with an English Cocker Spaniel or an English Cocker Spaniel with an American Cocker Spaniel. It might be either males or females, or it could be both. Since the 1950s, they have been a major hit in the United States.

According to the Kennel Club American Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, the Cockapoo dog breed is not a purebred dog.

Cockapoo puppies are often bred in puppy mills or by anyone hoping to cash in on the popularity of mixed-breed dogs. Conducting sufficient research before acquiring a puppy will help you avoid becoming victims of the puppy mill trade.

Key things you need to know about Cockapoo Puppies Breed:

How Big Will It Get?

According to many studies, these puppies have an average lifetime of 14-18 years. They weigh between 12 and 24 pounds on average. Their height also ranges from 10 to 15 inches.

·         Exercise Needs

On the other hand, the Cockapoo puppy needs a relatively little exercise. It’ll be happy with a little yard to run about in and a few trips to the park.

Regular grooming of the dog’s coat is required to keep it looking its best. It’s possible to hire the help of a professional groomer to help with the process. Trimming and shaving are required at different times.

·         Health Issues

A range of eye problems may affect purebred dogs. DNA tests should be taken to stay safe. When many other breeds with floppy ears need washing and drying, the advice is the same: This is crucial.

·         Trainability

Cockapoo puppies are frequently easy to train because of their desire to please their owners and avoid injuring them. It’s critical to maintain consistency in your actions but not to be too rigid. It may be tough to train a Cockapoo to live indoors.

Price of Getting Cockapoo Puppy

The cost of a cockapoo puppy breed varies from $800 and $2500, depending on its size and breed; however, this is not set in stone. Several variables determine the ultimate pricing of this dog. Getting a puppy from a rescue organization is less costly than buying one from a pet store. Depending on the breeder’s repute and the price they want, a Cockapoo puppy might cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000.


Given your children’s enthusiasm for having a cockapoo puppy, this is understandable. Make sure you haven’t forgotten how much it will cost before you give in. Individuals should think about the cost of rearing puppies as well as the cost of each dog. Cockapoo puppies, like human newborns, need financial assistance and attention in order to be properly cared for.


What is the annual expense of owning a Cockapoo puppy?

We worked with a few experts, breeders, and friends who currently had cockapoos to figure out how much it would cost to maintain our dog every month. We predict that owning one of these canines will cost roughly $1000 per year as a rough estimate.

Cockapoo Puppies

Cockapoo Puppy Prices:

Cockapoo Puppy Price



1st Pick $3000-50001st Pick $3000-5000
2nd Pick $2000-40002nd Pick $2000-4000
3rd Pick $1000-30003rd Pick $1000-3000