Biewer Puppies

Biewer Puppy Cost may vary Breeder to Breeder

The Biewer puppies are a dog breed that was first discovered on 20th January 1984. These puppies were first bred and taken care of by two people named Gertrud Biewer and Werner Biewer. They raised the Biewer puppies for almost 20 years. The Biewer puppies generally have their origin in Germany.

In Germany, the biewer puppies were a popular dog breed in the early 2000s, and since then, dog lovers have never missed a chance to buy or adopt the biewer puppies. The majority of people are interested to know more about the dog breed.

Therefore, today we will discuss more the information on Biewer puppies.

How big do Biewer Puppies get?

The size of the Biewer puppies can be estimated generally by having a good look at them. However, if we talk about the specific size, then Biewer puppies usually have a small-sized body compared to its’ descendant’s body size that is Yorkshire terrier.

The majority of the time, the average size up to which a Biewer puppy grows is four to eight pounds, and in terms of heights, they can be around seven to eleven inches. This height is considered to be the height of a fully grown Biewer puppy.

What is the price of the Biewer Puppies?

Finding a Biewer puppy is quite easy since they are a common dog breed, but they can be quite expensive breeds concerning several qualities.

Price of male puppies

The average cost of the male Biewer puppies is typically around $2500 to $4500.

Price of female puppies

The average cost of female Biewer puppies is usually around $2000 to $3000.

Whereas, if you are looking out for a pet quality Biewer puppy, then they are available at a reasonable price of $1000 that can go up to $2500. Additionally, the price of the biewer puppy can be changed. That is, it may increase or decrease regarding their color, coat, training, and more.

The personality of Biewer puppy

It is known and famous that a Biewer puppy is among one of the energetic dog breeds, and they have a very loving nature. A biewer puppy can be an attention seeker pet since they love to play and feel loved by their owners and the ones they love.

Biewer puppies are very loyal to their family and friends. However, they can be quite stubborn in some cases. Furthermore, a Biewer puppy may be affectionate towards familiar people, but they do not love strangers. They may need some time to get open with strangers.

 If they get proper training, biewer puppies can be used as a watch or working dog breed. This dog breed is also very intelligent, smart, and alert at all times. They can make an excellent home pet, and your children are always safe around the Biewer puppies.


If you want to know the biewer dog the breed details before purchasing or adopting, then read out the mentioned information.


Is it easy to train a Biewer puppy?

The majority of the time, it can be quite difficult to train a Biewer puppy even though they are intelligent but can be stubborn at most times.

Biewer Puppies

Biewer Puppy Prices:

Biewer Puppy Price



1st Pick $3000-50001st Pick $3000-5000
2nd Pick $2000-40002nd Pick $2000-4000
3rd Pick $1000-30003rd Pick $1000-3000