Belgian Sheepdog Puppies

Belgian Sheepdog Puppy Cost may vary Breeder to Breeder

The Belgian Sheepdog is regarded as one of the best sheepdogs globally for learning to herd due to its versatility and intelligence. This breed was created to do a lot of hard work. It’s no secret that these intelligent people despise being alone. A Belgian Sheepdog has a lot of energy when seen from the side.


The Belgian Sheepdog, Tervuren, and Malinois are all variations of the Belgian Shepherd or Continental Shepherd, which originated in Belgium in the early twentieth century. All of them are breed varieties from different parts of the country.

Groenendael was chosen as the breed to symbolize the dog that would later be known as the Belgian Sheepdog. Belgian sheepdogs, such as this one, are flock herders and defenders. This dog was no different. The length of these dogs’ black coats set them apart from other breeds.

The traits of the breed are visible at first look:

How Big Will It Get?

Belgium Belgian Sheepdog males stand 22 to 24 inches tall and weigh 60 to 70 pounds, while females reach 24 to 26 inches tall and weigh 65 to 75 pounds. Women stand between 22 and 24 inches tall and weigh 60 to 70 pounds on average.


A Belgian Sheepdog Puppies may be seen floating in the air in a big ring because of its constant awareness and mobility. They’re a canine breed known for their tremendous energy, playfulness, attentiveness, and protectiveness toward their owners.

In general, it’s best to keep strangers at bay and gradually introduce them to other dogs and pets. Some people have an excessive amount of energy. They are friendly and bright, but they are also resourceful and intelligent. They are very protective of their loved ones and their house.


If you exercise it often, it will be happy and healthy. They need a lot of space to move about and perform at their best while they’re out and about during the day. Cleaning their double coat at least twice a week is required, and more often when they shed.


You may keep the Belgian Sheepdog indoors or outdoors if you choose. A well-fenced yard will keep him from escaping and running from passing cyclists, runners, and cars. Maintain his presence with the rest of the family at home.


Exercise Puppies should be taught to take little steps. You should enroll your puppy in dog school at least once a week between the ages of 9 weeks and four months. The kids may play in the yard for 15 to 20 minutes every morning and evening.

Their look and hair color

Belgian Sheepdogs have a thick, double coat that keeps them warm throughout the winter. Long, straight hair is used to hide the topcoat. It has a rough texture that is neither wiry nor smooth to the touch. Furthermore, the thickness of the Belgian Sheepdog’s undercoat varies significantly depending on the dog’s location. It adds a layer of weather protection.

How Much Does Getting a Belgian Sheepdog Puppy Cost?

Belgian Sheepdog will cost $2,250.00, which is the highest price ever recorded. Expect to pay about this much for a Belgian Sheepdog with papers but no breeding rights or show qualities. While having a dog without papers may save you money, we feel it is a poor decision.


The Belgian Sheepdog is a popular breed because it can live in both suburban and urban settings. This is the breed to pick if you want your dog to be safe.


Do these puppies shy?

This dog may be really bashful. If you’re looking for a puppy, stay away from one who ruthlessly attacks his siblings or hides in a corner. Instead, choose the one in the middle of the road.

Belgian Sheepdog Puppies

Belgian Sheepdog Puppy Prices:

Belgian Sheepdog Puppy Price



1st Pick $3000-50001st Pick $3000-5000
2nd Pick $2000-40002nd Pick $2000-4000
3rd Pick $1000-30003rd Pick $1000-3000