Bedlington Terrier Puppies

Bedlington Terrier Puppy Cost my vary Breeder to Breeder

Domestic pets, watchdogs, and athletes all love Bedlington Terriers. They get their name from the English mining town where they were initially cultivated. While watching television, they are also pretty loving. They make good watchdogs as a result of this.


If you want a dog with a distinct appearance, the Bedlington Terrier puppy is a good choice. The Hanny Hills in Northumberland, England, is the breed’s original home and present home. Although its origins are uncertain, Rothbury Terriers were initially developed as a game terrier breed in the late 1800s.

When Joseph Ainsley crossed two of his Rothbury Terriers in Bedlington, North Yorkshire, in 1825, this happened. The Bedlington Terrier was given its name this year.

The traits of the breed are visible at first look:

How Big Will It Get?

The dog will stand 15 to 16 inches tall and weigh 17 to 23 pounds when fully grown. It may live for 15 to 16 years at most.


The Bedlington Terrier is one of the rare dog breeds that are both clever and social. Being the center of attention and performing for friends and family are two of his favorite hobbies. Within his own domain, he may attack other dogs of the same gender and chase any tiny fuzzy objects that seek to enter.


Bedlingtons, like other breeds, benefit from early socialization, which exposes them to a range of people and settings. Your puppy’s growth into a well-rounded canine depends on proper socialization. Enrolling your puppy in puppy kindergarten is a great way to get started. To help him improve his social skills, take him to crowded parks, dog-friendly shops, and long neighborhood walks.


Bedlington Terriers are typically healthy dogs, yet they may become sick like any other dog breed. It’s crucial to realize that not all of these health issues will affect your new pet.

Their look and hair color

A mix of rough and smooth hair gives the Bedlington breed its characteristic look. Sharp but not wiry, hair curls naturally about the face and head. This breed has a low shedding rate. The hair on their bodies is thin, while their legs are longer.

How Much Does Getting a Bedlington Terrier Puppy Cost?

In the United States, there are still a few Beauceron dogs. Depending on your needs, they might cost $1,000 or more. The cost will vary depending on the breeder, the animals’ origin, and how well they were raised.


Bedlingtons are well-known for being dedicated to people they care about and for being a delight to be around. They are also known for having a good time and being both charming and boisterous, making them charming and fun. This might be the dog for you if you want a dog that doesn’t shed, is active and is loyal to you.


Do Bedlington Terriers need any particular attention?

Despite their strong physique, Bedlington Terriers only need modest physical activity. They must be kept in a safe environment because of their potential to run. They are not well-equipped to survive in the wild, but they are small enough to live in an apartment if given a safe place to exercise.

Bedlington Terrier Puppies

Bedlington Terrier Puppy Prices:

Bedlington Terrier Puppy Price



1st Pick $3000-50001st Pick $3000-5000
2nd Pick $2000-40002nd Pick $2000-4000
3rd Pick $1000-30003rd Pick $1000-3000