Caucasian Mountain Dog Puppies

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The Caucasian Mountain Dog is a colossal breed that can weigh up to 100 pounds. It was created to protect cattle and humans from the Caucasus mountain region’s hazardous predators.

They have always been working dogs, and they are both intelligent and hardworking. However, they may be rather headstrong and independent, accentuated by this breed’s enormous size. When standing on its hind legs, a Caucasian Mountain Dog is often taller than most humans in the region.

Caucasian Mountain Dogs are two distinct breeds of Caucasian Mountain Shepherds, the larger and more robust of the two. They have long coats that assist keep them warm throughout the Caucasus highlands’ severe winters, making them unsuitable for hot areas.

More than the majority of other breeds, this dog will want continual attention. Do not even consider abandoning this dog in the backyard. If your Caucasian Mountain Dog feels neglected, it can become quite aggressive and destructive, which can be dangerous in such a powerful, massive dog.

Due to their enormous size and independence, these dogs are best suited to experienced owners and even better to professional trainers.

Intelligence & Temperament.

This breed has a wide variety of temperaments in a single dog. When defending their family or flock, they are territorial and fierce. This can make them difficult to train, so they are only suggested for experienced trainers.

However, they can also be peaceful and affectionate dogs, despite their fierce and protective nature. As with all dogs, they desire and require a great deal of affection from their family.

When properly taught, these dogs make excellent friends, work dogs, and therapy dogs, among other things.

Requirements for Food and Diet.

It should come as no surprise that a dog weighing 200 pounds or more will consume an enormous amount of food. Additionally, you will not want to feed them inexpensive food due to their nutritional requirements.

They require the nutrients found in a portion of high-quality dog food, which means you should budget quite a bit to keep your Caucasian Mountain Dog nourished.

However, these dogs are prone to obesity. You’ll need to keep an eye on the amount of food you give your dog to ensure that it maintains within a healthy weight range. And, to avoid bloating, you’ll want to distribute the food evenly throughout the day rather than feeding them everything at once.


While this is a huge breed, they do not require nearly as much activity as you may believe. Due to their immense size, they need a great deal of energy to move! Taking your Caucasian Mountain Dog for a 30-minute walk each day, along with some other fun, should suffice.


Although this is an extremely bright breed, they may be somewhat stubborn at times. They can be quite self-sufficient and will not be trained by a newbie. Only the most experienced trainers should attempt to introduce one of these canines.

Once taught, they may make terrific companions and be responsive to directions. However, training must begin early and continue throughout the dog’s life. Allowing your Caucasian Mountain Dog to reach adulthood without proper training is a recipe for disaster.

You’ll end up with an unruly dog that refuses to listen and forcing a dog weighing more than 200 pounds to hear when they’re not interested in a futile exercise.

Caucasian Mountain Dog Puppies

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