Cão de Castro Laboreiro Puppies

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The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is a huge and impressive breed that is uncommon outside of Portugal. This livestock guarding breed is thought to be descended from Mastiff-type dogs and is noted for its protective instincts and stamina.

The Cao de Castro Laboreiro can be a suitable choice if you’re seeking a guard dog. Just be cautious about introducing this dog into a household with other dogs or pets. The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is one of the world’s rarest breeds, with a global population estimated to be between 200 and 500 canines.


Body hair is short (about 5 cm), and there is no undercoat. It is slightly dull, smooth, flat on most of the body, and thick; on the head and ears, where it is thin and soft, and on the limbs below the elbow and hock, it is shorter and denser.

The wolf color is the most common, and the “mountain color,” as the locals term it is the most coveted. Breeders in Castro Laboreiro consider it an ethnic feature. It’s a brindle coat with a gray base topped with lighter and darker tones of black.


The Laboreiro is a courageous and fierce flock guardian dog. It is intelligent, dominant, and fearless. It is a devoted and docile companion to its owners but can be violent toward outsiders. Within its own family, the Laboreiro is dependable and tolerant to children.

All those Laboreiro does not know are suspects, are not trusted and will be continuously monitored. It will only obey the commands of its owners. It will not tolerate being told what to do by a stranger. This breed has an instinct to guard its area.


In general, the Castro Laboreiro canines are in good health. However, like many other dog breeds, they are prone to specific health issues. Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, stomach torsion, entropion, ectropion, cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy are prevalent health issues. Always strive to keep in touch with a local veterinarian.


The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is a clever creature who will only obey directions from their masters. They need a master with experience and a deep understanding of the breed. The importance of early socialization and obedience cannot be overstated. Harsh or oppressive tactics will not sway Cao de Castro Laboreiro. Firmness, fairness, and consistency are required in training.


The Cao de Castro Laboreiro is a low-maintenance breed. Seasonal flea treatment is required, but a professional groomer is not necessary to cut the dog’s hair. To avoid infections, clean your ears and eyes regularly. If you don’t have the time, talent, or money to care for a high-maintenance dog, Cao de Castro Laboreiro is a good option.

Castro Laboreiro is loyal and docile to those he knows. Dogs are excellent at guarding livestock against the numerous wolves that still haunt the northern Portuguese mountains.

They’re incredible watchdogs, never appearing to turn off for even a second. These canines have a noble bearing, but they are tough mountaineers with a terrifying scowl on their faces.

Cão de Castro Laboreiro Puppies

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