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The Canaan dog breed has a long and rich history. They are herding dogs that have recently been tamed in the last century but have existed since BC. As the name implies, this dog is Israeli, becoming a national symbol in Israel. Its original duty was to protect and herd cattle for many centuries, but it returned to a wild type of dog at some point in the distant past (perhaps with the beginnings of the Jewish Diaspora).

Until the early twentieth century, people didn’t start breeding and developing the Canaan toward an accepted standard. During combat, the Canaan served as a courier, sentry, and landmine finder. In 1997, the American Kennel Club gave it official recognition.

The Canaan Dog is a medium-sized dog with a square build. The head is wedge-shaped and has a definite but shallow stop. The muzzle is tapering the same size or slightly longer than the skull. Depending on the coat color, the nose exhibits varying degrees of liver. The almond-shaped eyes have a little slant and come in various hazel tints.


Few breeds have a working heritage as pure as the Canaan Dog. This dog isn’t going to be content just sitting around. Canaan requires a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Herding activity, a lengthy jog, a vigorous gaming session, and a demanding training session can all be used to meet these needs. Brushing the coat once a week is recommended to remove stray hairs.

Nutrition and Diet

Canaan dogs, like other dogs, benefit from remaining slender to avoid putting too much stress on their joints. Use a measuring cup or a scale to regularly weigh the food and feed it to your Canaan dog. Free feeding (leaving food out all day) can lead to weight gain, exacerbating dogs’ health problems, such as hip dysplasia and diabetes.


The dog is described as alert, vigilant, devoted, and docile. It is wary of strangers, even though they should never be shy or hostile, and it’s very territorial. The Canaan’s territoriality begins at two and makes it an excellent alarm dog. When someone comes to the door, it’ll bark, but also calm down once it realizes you’ve got the matter under control. That is, provided it regards you as the pack’s leader. It might try to run things itself if it doesn’t, making decisions about who is and isn’t welcome. When you live with a Canaan, you must be willing and capable of being a strong leader.

Are Canaan Dogs Suitable for Children?

The Canaan Dog Puppies are noted for its excellent behavior with youngsters, treating them as members of their family, and being patient and protective of them. To keep both the child and the dog safe, it is recommended that your child be watched when interacting with your Canaan Dog, as it is with any breed. Adults and older children will enjoy the Canaan Dog as a house pet. If properly socialized as a puppy, it makes an excellent watchdog and a caring companion for children. They are not well adapted to living with other pets, especially small pets, but if you socialize them early in life, you can typically persuade them to cohabitate. They’re pricey, but that’s because there are so few breeders that your chances of acquiring a high-quality, healthy dog are excellent.

Canaan Dog Puppies

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