Ca de Bou Puppies

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Ca de Bou is from the Balearic Islands on Spain’s east coast. Crossbreeding English Bulldogs with native dogs is thought to have produced this breed. Because Bulldogs aren’t very tolerant of heat, the breeder mated them with local dogs to create a more heat-resistant breed.

This unrivaled champion of the weak is primarily a protection and guard dog. The Ca de Bou, who is very devoted and friendly, will fight for his family at all means. Anyone attempting to harm members of the household will face severe consequences. Fortunately, he is a well-balanced dog who will consider the issue before behaving. He will warn the stranger with his sharp stare and bark, allowing him to flee.


The breed has a sexual dimorphism, with males having substantially larger heads than females, yet both have massive, almost square skulls.  Their dark eyes are wide and oval, and their ears are described as ‘rose ears’ and are petite. Their large, deep chest should reach their elbows, and they should have strong, muscular limbs to support it. When the dog is inactive, its tail tapers to a tip but is broad at the base and retained in a curve.


The short-haired coat of the Ca de Bou is harsh to the touch. In order of preference, the Ca de Bou’s coat colors are brindle, fawn, and black. Lighter brindle or fawn colors are not recommended. It is okay to have white markings on the front feet, chest, and nose.


Natural veggies such as carrots, beets, and other ground vegetables should be fed to it—Cook the green leafy veggies and chicken in a pot of water. Combine the ingredients in a bowl and feed to the dog. Remove the bones from the meat before boiling to avoid becoming hard and indigestible.


Ca de Bou has a lot of energy; therefore, you’ll have to keep these dogs busy daily. These canines will enjoy hiking, obedience, chasing the ball, and other pleasant activities. If their requirements are met, you may rest assured that you will have the best dog in the house.


The Ca de Bou disposition can be exceedingly stubborn when an owner hasn’t established dominance. The Ca de Bou quickly learns how to influence people. He will always have the upper hand if he is not properly punished. Some people believe that if he gets away with anything once, he will anticipate it every time.

The Ca de Bou temperament is committed to all of his family members. He demonstrates a great deal of love and affection for his folks. He is not a one-person dog and is equally fond of adults and children. He has a pleasant demeanor and is extremely kind to those he knows. He is significantly more agile and adaptable than he appears. He excels at dog sports and enjoys collaborating with his owner on these activities.

The Ca de Bou disposition is a courageous one. Bull baiters and dogfighters were among his forefathers. The temperament of this breed is calm and peaceful. He will stay cool but expectant even when confronted by dubious strangers.

Ca de Bou Puppies

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