Buhund, Norwegian Puppies

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The word “Bu” means “homestead” in Norwegian, and hence the breed has been known as the “homestead dog” — adaptable as a sheepherder and a farmyard security dog. Archeologists unearthed skeletons of dogs that bear a remarkable resemblance to the Norwegian Buhund buried in a Viking tomb, implying that they were highly regarded for being buried alongside their owner and escorting him into the afterlife.

The Buhund is a classic northern spitz breed, with erect ears, a full and curled tail, and a double coat protecting the dog from the elements. The breed is square, has a reasonable amount of substance and bone, and is somewhat smaller than medium in size. They are agile and sure-footed; their herding style is loose-eyed and upright, with a natural desire to circle and gather. The movement is natural and effortless, and the disposition is attentive, self-assured, and animated.


The Norwegian Buhund’s undercoat is dense and soft, with a thick, robust outer coat. It is available in wheat — ranging from pale cream to brilliant orange, with or without dark-tipped hairs and as little white as possible — or black. On the head and the front of the legs, the coat is shorter than the rest of the body.


Although the Norwegian Buhund is a very healthy breed with an excellent lifespan of 12 to 15 years, it is susceptible to several conditions, including cataracts, cancer, von Willebrand’s disease, and hip dysplasia, a condition in which the hip joint occasionally slips loose, causing pain and lameness. You can do a few things as an owner to ensure your dog’s health and longevity. The first step is to conduct extensive research on breeders in your area. You’ll want to work with someone who has thoroughly evaluated their pets’ health. Second, you should arrange routine vet appointments to screen for common health problems.


The Norwegian Buhund is a watchful, joyful, energetic, courageous, intelligent, attentive dog. It is quite affectionate and enjoys kissing and snuggling. They require a great deal of physical activity and attention, and they are quick learners. This breed requires physical and mental stimulation and regular, forceful leadership, as it can be headstrong if it perceives its handlers to be less strong-willed than it is.

These dogs enjoy being taught and acquire knowledge quickly. The Buhund is a natural protector, brave and loud but not violent. It does not  bite or snap unless provoked and convinced that it is superior to humans due to a leadership deficit.

Buhunds adore their family and are particularly affectionate to children. It is the perfect size for a house dog and an excellent people lover. Due to the Norwegian Buhund’s keen hearing has become a popular breed as hearing dogs for the deaf.

They have been particularly taught to notify owners who are deaf or hard of hearing to everyday sounds such as smoke alarms, ringing phones, or doorbells. They will then paw their owner and point them in the direction of the sound source. They are very popular as police dogs due to their agility, intelligence, commitment to their masters, and trainability.

Buhund, Norwegian Puppies

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