Brussels Griffon Puppies

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Brussels Griffon Puppies are very cute, elegant, and some of the most interesting puppies you can train and have around. Many consider them the ideal breed for dog shows, due to their overall size and obedience. But at the same time, they are also small, devoted, smart and just a pleasure to be around. The great thing about these puppies is that they have a great personality, and they are a pleasure to be around throughout their entire life.

With that being said, they come in 4 colors, black, black and tan, black and red (belge) or red. The important thing to note here is that they have a sturdy and thick body, despite their small size. That allows them to move quickly and perform fast turns without any issues. Because of that, these dogs are a pleasure to train. They can be very sensitive however, and that means they aren’t exactly good to be around if you have babies. However, that changes if you have older kids, just try to keep that in mind.

Brussels Griffon Puppies need socialization. They need attention from humans, and they can bring in a lot of laughter and fun to you as well. The fact that they need socialization might not be ok if you are very busy. That’s why Brussels Griffon Puppies are suitable for people that do have free time and it can actually be a great breed in such a situation.
Like most dogs, they don’t need a lot of attention health-wise, an ophthalmologist, hip and patella evaluation will be more than ok. There are 2 types of Brussels Griffon Puppies, the ones with a rough coat don’t shed, but the ones with a smooth coat shed, and those are the ones that need a lot more attention grooming-wise.

In general, Brussels Griffon Puppies need around 30 minutes of exercise per day in order to stay happy and healthy. They particularly enjoy games like ball chasing, and they are a pleasure to train too. They are well-mannered, intelligent, and they do have a sensitive nature too. That means you don’t want to use harsh training methods, as those are not ideal.

It does make sense to go to the vet from time to time, just to check on your Brussels Griffon Puppies and identify what diet is suitable for them. They aren’t picky eaters, and you are bound to have a lot of fun with these puppies too!

Brussels Griffon Puppies

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