Briard Puppies

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Briard puppies are a dog breed of French origin that has impressed a lot of people with their spirit, loyalty and respect. They are committed to the idea of happiness having fun and they are also known for having a wavy coat. Their coat color differs, it can be either black, tawny or even gray. Add to that the fact that they have large eyebrows and a fancy beard, then you will see why this is a very impressive, rather imposing breed. They can be anywhere from 22 to 27 inches in height as an adult.

These Briard Puppies are burly and rugged, but they do move very nicely even nimble we must say. They also have traits similar to many herding dogs, such as trainability and attention to detail. They are wary of outsiders and they are just great at farming tasks as well. Despite the fact that they are quite large, Briard dogs have a high energy level and they work very hard. That’s what makes them such a distinct and different dog breed to begin with.

Briard Puppies are very healthy, aside from ophthalmologist and hip evaluations you don’t really need a lot of attention towards their health. However, this is a dog breed that requires quite a bit of grooming. Due to their size and coat thickness, it’s easy to see why that becomes mandatory. That being said, the Briard doesn’t need too many baths it mostly comes down to brushing and cutting their coat as needed. An undercoat rake might be great for Briard Puppies too, since it can help remove dead skin and also make shedding less of a problem.

What about exercising and training? These Briard Puppies require a lot of exercise, so they can be a great partner for activities like jogging, hiking or even bicycling. We also recommend training them early on. These puppies are highly intelligent and they have great memory too. It is recommended to start socialization early on and keep it a focus throughout his life, that’s what’s extremely important and a crucial aspect to take into consideration.

Briard Puppies

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