Borzoi Puppies

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Despite its small stature, Borzoi is a fantastic sprinter. It can pursue large, deadly predators in very frigid temperatures. It must be built similarly to a greyhound to run at high speeds. In terms of total size, though, it is bigger and stronger than a greyhound.


The Borzoi has been known as the “Russian Wolfhound” in the past. It’s said to have started in Russia, where these hounds have been there since the 13th century. The Russian elite used the breed for hunting down the area’s enormous wolf population. Other European nobility were often given them as gifts. As a consequence, they were seldom purchased.

The species came perilously close to extinction during the Bolshevik Revolution because of its significance as a prestigious symbol in Russian culture. A small group of breeders saved the breed by shipping specimens to the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States to illustrate how it worked. The Borzoi was first recognized as a companion dog breed by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1891.

Information about the breed’s general traits.

How Big Will Borzoi Puppies Get?

Borzois are large to extra-large canines that may weigh up to 100 pounds and stand between 26 and 31 inches tall. Furthermore, they may be rather tall. The average lifespan of a Borzoi is 10 to 12 years.


Borzoi is a gentle breed that may be dignified and regal at times but also humorous. Borzoi is a fantastic friend because of his calm demeanor, intellect, and intelligence. It is due to the fact that he is a fantastic companion. He has trouble when he spends a lot of time alone.


Borzoi is dogs that prefer to reside in their own homes for the rest of their lives. Make room in your house for a few nice beds where they may rest their bones in between their many activities. For some people, having a yard is not required. Some people are quite pleased to be walked down the street every day.

Their look and hair color

They may be any color or combination of colors, and their coats can be flat, wavy, or curly. It is totally up to the owner to make this decision. They have short, silky hair on their heads, ears, and forelegs. They also have a large curling frill made of long, wavy hair around their neck.

Price of the Borzoi Puppies

Puppy Borzoi was created in Russia and Belarus, which contributed to its high initial cost. Like many other dog breeds, Puppies are valued based on their age and breed purity. If you’re willing to compromise on breed purity, you can purchase a Borzoi puppy for $1,500. According to the breed purity index, a above 90% pure puppy would cost roughly $3,000.


Borzoi is social, but they’re a little too elegant for roughhousing. Because a cat or squirrel on the go may excite their interest in chasing them, fenced-in running areas are required.


Is Borzois the right dog breed for you and your family?

Borzois, a breed that is particularly sensitive to this, may have difficulty coping with the rambunctiousness of little children. It would help if you either raised them together from the time they were puppies or put them with older children who are acquainted with dog behavior.

Borzoi Puppies

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3rd Pick $1000-30003rd Pick $1000-3000