Australian Labradoodle Puppies

Australian Labradoodle Puppy Cost my vary Breeder to Breeder

Australian Labradoodle puppies are one of the friendliest puppies you would ever come across. This dog breed comes in many different colors, and sizes and the best part about these Australian Labradoodle puppies is that they are a low-shedding dog breed.

Australian Labradoodle puppies became popular in the 1980s, 1989 to be specific, as excellent guide dogs. However, the breed was still there, and the term was coined in 1955. Wally Conron, a member of the Royal Guide Dogs, bred Australian Labradoodle puppies in the 1980s for a woman that needed a hypoallergic guide dog.

How big do Australian Labradoodle puppies get?

There are three different sizes of an Australian Labradoodle puppy. They are namely Miniature, Medium, and Standard Australian Labradoodle Puppies. All these three types of Australian Labradoodle puppies vary in size. First of all, we would talk about Miniature, then Medium, and then Standard puppy.

  • Miniature – Miniature Australian Labradoodle puppies are approx. 14-16 inches tall and weigh around 17-25 lbs. Moreover, Miniature puppies are not in a growing phase. So, they are not expected to grow more.
  • Medium – Medium puppies of this breed are 17-20 inches tall. They weigh around 35-45 lbs.
  • Standard – Standard puppies are fully grown puppies that can reach a height of up to 22-24 inches tall and have a weight of around 55-65 lbs. and sometimes 77 lbs. as well.

Note that males are taller and heavier than females. So, these stats can always vary. For example, medium female puppies are 17-19 inches tall, while the males are approx. 19-20 inches tall.

Price of Australian Labradoodle Puppies


  • Miniature males – These cost approx. $3150-$3250.
  • Medium males – These cost around $3250
  • Standard males – These cost around $3000-$3150.


  • Miniature females – The price of these is $3300-$3350.
  • Medium females – These cost around $3250-$3350.
  • Standard females – The price tag of this breed is around $3000-$3150.

In how many coats and colors do Australian Labradoodle Puppies come in?

As specified earlier, the Australian Labradoodle breed comes in numerous coats and colors. Some of the most popular colors of the breed are:

  • Multi-colored Australian Labradoodle
  • Black-colored puppy.
  • Red-colored
  • Parti and caramel-colored labradoodle.

There are three fur or coat varieties in which this breed comes in. These include:

  • Wavy coat
  • Curly coat
  • Flat coat

Note that prices also depend on the coat and color of the puppy as well. The more exotic the color of the puppy, the more it would be costly.


Overall, these dogs are friendly and have a playful nature. But they are an active breed, and not taking them on a daily walk can make them a bit aggressive.


These are all the basic details you should know about the famous and friendly breed, Australian Labradoodle. Make sure to take proper care of your Australian Labradoodle puppy.


Are they hypoallergic?

As they are a low-shedding breed, they cause fewer allergies, and hence they are ideal for people with dog allergies. However, you cannot say they as hypoallergic dogs.

Pitbull Puppy Prices:

Australian Labradoodle Puppy Price



1st Pick $3000-50001st Pick $3000-5000
2nd Pick $2000-40002nd Pick $2000-4000
3rd Pick $1000-30003rd Pick $1000-3000